5 Things You Need to Know

When You Child Receives an Autism Diagnosis


When your child receives an autism diagnosis, you're bound to feel overwhelmed, and perhaps even a bit scared. 

You may have questions like:
  • What information can I trust? 
  • How do I change the behaviours? 
  • What does this mean for my child's future?
  • What kind of help do I need?
  • How do I navigate their education ?
This free video series will help answer these questions, plus many more. Get clarity and and feel confident with the path going forward. 

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Whether you are just realizing that you may need to seek a diagnosis for your child, or if you’ve already gone through the process, you are likely to feel overwhelmed with the amount of things you are expected to do.

Everything feels urgent and it is overwhelming!

In this free video series, you'll get clear about your approach and how to respond with intention and mindfulness.  

We can’t control what happens around us. We can only control what happens inside us.

You've got this!

Tanya Kemp, MA Psych, BASW, RCC

Hi, I’m Tanya and I have walked this same path that you are on.

I started out feeling stressed, frantic and overwhelmed.

I was willing to give up my whole life to help my daughter.

I learned the hard way, that saving our children is firstly NOT NECESSARY, and secondly, giving up on ourselves is the biggest disservice we can do to our kids.

So I started again (because every day is a new opportunity) and changed my mindset from frantic to purposeful.

I became very clear about my and our family’s goals. I prioritized my relationship with my daughter, always, and learned how to move away from fear and towards opportunities.

 Do I wish I had known all of this from the get go? Yes!

Was it too late to change things? No.

I created this resource to give other parents like me an opportunity to get grounded and purposeful in how they approach the journey ahead.  

I have now guided many parents like you through this season of life and I know that it is possible for our kids and our families to thrive.

This series is not about dealing with your child’s specific challenges.  

This free video series is about helping YOU to get clear about your focus, priorities and decisions for NOW.  

I will shed light on:

  • the meaning and purpose of your child’s behaviours,
  • knowing what to think about when enlisting therapy providers, and
  • getting clear about your child’s educational path.  
  • how YOU can drive this ship with confidence and clarity

I am grateful for the opportunity to share with you what I have come to learn personally and professionally. 

This 5 day series will take up only a few minutes each day to bring your attention and awareness to the following topics:

The Most Important
First Step

The 2 Things You Need to Stay Afloat

The Critical Shift Needed to Manage Behaviours

All About Therapy and Getting Help

School Advocacy Help That You Needed YESTERDAY

Where To Get Help For The Long Term

Tanya Kemp holds a Masters degree in Psychology and  Social Work and is a Registered Clinical Counsellor as well as Parent Neurodiversity consultant and coach.

Tanya has a close connection to the Neurodiversity Movement and advocating for the rights of Neurodivergent children to be supportive, seen, accepted and valued for who they are and for their unique contributions.

 Join me to learn more about how you can support your child, family and school.

Get Free Access To This Valuable Video Series